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A tailored digital marketing plan for your business that includes the platforms, content and marketing services that you need.

Brand Boost

The All in One Comprehensive Digital Program

A tailored plan for your business that includes the platforms, content and marketing services that you need.

We are your all in one digital marketing specialist team!

We use the right platforms and content for your business and combine them into a comprehensive planned campaign to give maximum results:

Social Media Channels

The main players Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok as well as others based on your target audience.

Social Media Ads

Creating Ad campaigns that have great ROI and help to reach the right audience for your brand. 


External communciations such as Email marketing, Blogs and ongoing content, we can also assist with internal communcations 

Influencer Programs

We can help create and manage campaigns that work with influencers across the spectrum Co-ordinating and ensuring effectiveness.

Website Management

From ther creation of full sites, to small and big changes, as well as SEO and SEM to help your business be seen  

Reporting and software

We are results and data driven, we can help set up programs and suggest software to make processes more efficient.  

Marketing Automations

Including Chat bots, Customer funnels, Automated systems for ecommerce to help streamline processes for the business



We also offer services helping you to find the right visuals and the best voice for your business including brand guides and templates.

We design and implement detailed, multi channel campaigns that achieve targets and goals through cohesive branding and clear effective messaging. We work with small businesses across multiple industries to achieve real results and growth.

How the Brand Boost Program works

Step 1 – Needs Strategy Session – (Includes a 60 minute session)

We look at your business and your goals and we have a discussion around what is currently working for you online and what is not. If you are a new business with no presence or a business that has no online presence, we look at competitors and other businesses to help start the conversation around what you would like for your brand.

Things we look at:

  • Your Goals
  • The Brand
  • Target Audience
  • Current Marketing Audit
  • Competitors analysis
Step 2 – Branding Analysis Session – (Includes a 30 minute session)

From our Needs Strategy we get to work developing your unique branding and voice that will work to inform us throughout the marketing plan. The goal here is to create a cohesive marketing strategy that works for your company and is attractive to your target audience. From here we finish all of the branding set up.

Step 3 – Detailed Strategy Session – (Includes a 30 minute session)

This session will be to go over the full marketing strategy that we will have created. We want you to know what is going to happening for the next three months. We can also help with internal communications for campaigns too.

Step 4 – Set up is finished and the campaigns begin – (Includes a 30 minute session every month)

From here we are in control of ensuring that your digital marketing is the best it can be. With weekly quick reports and in-depth monthly check ins. You will see the results. We test messaging and continuously monitor everything to make improvements in an ongoing capacity.

Step 5 – Evaluation Session – (Includes a 30 minute session)

Time flies and once the three month ends, we have an evaluation session. This is where we discussed all the success that the campaign has had and also create an action list for any changes. From here you can sign up for a further three-month campaign (with a discounted set up).

What is included in the program?

Social Media Posts and Copy (Multiple Platforms)

We plan, create and schedule effective social media posts, videos, animations and stories as well as create collaboration campaigns to help your business reach further. 

Detailed Marketing Strategy Plan with Cohesive messaging

We believe that your marketing should have direction and strategy so we create a cohesive plan to ensure that we are achieving your business goals. 

Coordination of ads, competitions and/or influencer programs

We go beyond just posting and sending emails. We coordinate ads and competitions (which can be an amazing growth tool). We also can work with influencers and coordinate collaboration in your campaign (these are more options as we do pass on talent or ad spend to you.) 

Brand guide, branded elements and templates for posts and communications

We develop your brand profile, to maximise your brand visuals for marketing. We also create templates that we give you access to. 

eDM Communications and Blog Pieces (If applicable)

We make content that gives your audience value, this means they are more likely to engage with your brand and become customers. 

Comprehensive communications and Content calendar

The content and communications calendar is a great way for you to keep up to date with the marketing as well as providing a clear structure that works with the plan. 

Marketing Automations that make sense for your business

As part of the set up, we make processes more streamlined. We can also organise software (at cost) and programs to make ongoing marketing better. 

Reporting that makes sense for your business and goes beyond vanity metrics

We build your reporting capabilities so that you can see what your marketing is achieving for business both in quanative and qualative terms. 

We also include coaching and training throughout the program to help make the most out of the program and to give you the tools to market your business beyond the program if you choose to. We also create branded templates and processes for your business to ensure your future success. 

Use the below booking calendar to book your free consultation and begin the process of growing your digital brand.



Transparent and upfront pricing, with no hidden costs. We also have flexible payment options depending on your requirements. 

Please note as this is a tailored program their may be additions to the program. Ad spend, talent payments and any specific paid software memberships are also not included in the price, however we would discuss all of this with you first. This does not include complete social media management, we charge extra for responded to comments/messages and being consistently present on the sites. We bill this as an hourly rate at $25 per hour, billed weekly (This can be discussed and is an area we cover in set up with automation and process management.) Please see below for a detailed breakdown of additional services.

Billed Weekly + One Off Set Up

(Based on 91 days)

One off Set Up: $900

Weekly Payment: $173


Billed Weekly (Set Up Fee Included)

(Based on 91 Days) 

Weekly Payment: $242.30

Billed Monthly + One Off set up

(Based on 91 Days)

Set Up Fee: $900

Monthly Payment: $750

Billed Monthly (Set Up Fee Included)

(Based on 91 Days)

Monthly Payment: $1050

Entire Program Upfront - 10% discount

(Based on 91 Days)

We offer a 20% discount if you pay the entire program upfront.

One time payment: $2,835

Check out our case study below which helps breakdown the cost of the program into tangible results.

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